Nevis Capital Corp (OCEE: OTC Pink Current) | CORRECTION: Nevis Announces Investment In Bougainville Development, LLC

CORRECTION: Nevis Announces Investment In Bougainville Development, LLC

Jul 21, 2014

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Lake Kiowa, TX –

NevisCapital Corporation (OTC: OCEE), is pleased to announce that they have signed afinal agreement with Bougainville Development,  LLC, a Mississippi Limited Liability Company,  to acquire a 50% ownership of BougainvilleDevelopment  in an all stock transaction consisting of Nevis common stock. The principal asset ofBougainville is a wholly owned subsidiary, Tall J(PNG) Ltd. of Papua, New Guinea, that has the contractual rights with the PapuaGovernment to harvest the timber and to explore and develop the underlyingminerals on 255,000 acres in Section 1645. Bougainville has a current investment in excess of $ 4,000,000 USD inthis project.   Mr. Stephen Strauss, BD Director, estimatesthat production should commence within 12-15 months for delivery of finishedmaterials to Asian markets. Surveys from ITTO estimate that this tract containsapproximately 2.5 million cubic meters of timber valued at $ 1.3 Billion at currentprices, generating estimated revenues of $ 37 Million annually over a 35 yearproduction and reforestation cycle.   ThePapua Government has endorsed the economic growth and development of theirnatural resources.  Exxon Mobil hasrecently invested $ 19 Billion in Papua, NG, building one of the largest LiquidNatural Gas (LNG)   projects in the worldwhich began shipments in May with anticipated annual revenues of $ 7.2 billion.  Nevis Capital expects the operational profitsfrom this investment, the previously announced US producing oil and gasinvestment and expansions thereof, the Macau Live Online Gaming investment, andinitiatives to acquire interests in profitable Medical Marijuana ancillaryproduct producers to rapidly increase shareholder value for this developmentstage holding company.


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